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Earbuds in Case

Telehealth Tips

Tips to Maximize your tele-health experience


  • Planning in advance will ensure a successful first session!

  • Ensure your device(s) has a functioning camera, speaker and microphone.

  • Our telehealth platforms work efficiently on phones, computers and tablets of all kinds.  They also work well on cellular networks and are not limited to wi-fi connections.

  • Ensure your device has reliable access to high-speed internet via wi-fi or a cellular connection.

  • If using ear buds, confirm they are compatible with your preferred device and are fully charged.

  • Technology hiccups do sometimes occur in session. We will take a few minutes during our first meeting to cover how we will handle them if they occur during our scheduled session.


  • Position yourself in a comfortable chair where you are able to securely place your device.

  • Confirm there is good lighting in front of you which will allow your therapist to clearly see your face.

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Using earbuds rather than your device’s speaker, ensure optimum privacy and confidentiality.

  • We recommend children of any age are not present in the room with you during your session.

  • Challenges finding privacy in your home? Consider inside your car or outdoors.  Our platforms function on cellular networks as well as wi-fi.

Before joining the session to minimize the risk for technology-related interruptions

  • Restart your computer/device.

  • Close any other apps or programs that may be open.

  • When possible, limit the number of people in your home who may be streaming or playing video games.

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