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About Us

Our Core Values

It takes courage to reach out for help.  Opening up to someone new and sharing your inner most personal and private thoughts is not easy.  We understand how challenging this can be. For this reason, we feel it’s important to outline our core values that we believe are the cornerstone of a strong therapeutic client/therapist relationship.  


We respect our clients and are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to provide you with support.

Non-Judgmental space

We are not here to judge; our role is to help validate your feelings with no judgement so you can find your path forward.


Strengths Based

Using a strengths-based perspective, we help our client’s find their voice, feel more empowered and uncover the resources they can draw upon to move forward to find the best fit and toolkit for you.


Confidential and private


Your sessions are private and confidential. To build a trusting relationship our role as your therapist is to protect your privacy and confidentiality in an ethical and responsible manner so that you get the help you need.


Therapeutic Rapport


On our first meeting, we are strangers to each other. For some people this can create discomfort. As therapists we are trained to be intuitive, empathic, and understanding, and to quickly make you feel at ease. We truly believe a good therapist is curious, loves to hear stories, compassionate and a problem solver. Our aim is to help individuals, couples and families find comfort from emotional distress, and help them with the building blocks to construct the lives they want. This starts with the therapeutic rapport.


Competent and prepared


All our therapists are highly competent and trained in their specialized area of focus or niche. We ensure they receive ongoing continuing education to maintain best clinical practices. A priority in our practice is to prepare for our sessions in advance to ensure our clients are making progress and experiencing growth at a pace that feels satisfactory and fulfilling for them.


Emotional Safety


Therapy is about taking a deep look within yourself, your key relationships and making necessary changes to move forward in new ways. Frequently it involves healing from distressful experiences. As your therapist we strive to create an emotionally safe environment using acceptance, empathy and compassion so that you feel at ease sharing your most private thoughts and feel supported and understood.


Virtual/In person comfort


Whether its virtual or in person, our goal is to help you feel comfortable in the space you allow us to share with you. We truly believe your therapy experience starts the instant you enter our therapy space. We place a high value on respect and privacy, so you find comfort and ease in opening up and sharing your thoughts with your therapist.

“You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.”
- Jon Kabat Zinn

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